LG QNED82, Quantum Dot NanoCell Color 4K TV: indicative prices from 50'' to 75''

In addition to the LG B3, LG C3 Evo, LG G3 Evo, LG Z3 Evo and LG M3 Oled TV series (click to find out more), the Korean manufacturer's 2023 TV range will offer three LCD series, the LG QNED81, LG QNED82 and LG QNED86. After our presentation of the LG QNED81 last week and while waiting for that of the LG QNED86 to come later (its marketing is scheduled for September), a quick spotlight on the LG QNED82 to get to know the essentials of its technical specifications and indicative prices for each of its references.

The LG QNED82 series has a total of four 4K Ultra HD LCD references, the LG 50QNED82 (50'', 127 cm), LG 55QNED82 (55'', 140 cm), LG 65QNED82 (65'', 165 cm) and LG 75QNED82 (75'', 191cm).

LG QNED82 TV, Main Specifications

Despite their name, QNED for Quantum Nano Emitting Diode, LG QNED82 TVs do not have a Mini LED backlighting system, but LED Edge. The LCD panel is 120 Hz and if DTS:X certification is on the menu, we deplore the absence of HDR Dolby Vision and G-Sync compatibility. Also noteworthy is a dual-position foot capable of being raised to accommodate a sound bar.

LG QNED82 TV, Quantum Dot NanoCell Color

To come back to the Quantum Dot NanoCell Color technology, this combines, for the purpose of richer and more accurate colors, the use of Quantum Dots technology (i.e. the nano-crystals at the heart of QLED diffusers) and the exclusive NanoCell+ announced by LG as an evolution of the NanoCell, without further details.

LG QNED82 TV, Alpha 7 Gen 6 processor and WebOS 23

For the rest, we also know that the Alpha 7 Gen 6 processor drives LG QNED82 televisions. Of course, these televisions all have the latest version of the WebOS 23 Smart TV function and Matter certification. Finally, LG QNED82 TVs are Wi-Fi 6 compatible.

More details on each of these LG QNED series later. Availability announced for late April, early May. Indicative prices:

• €949 for the LG 50QNED82

• €1,099 for the LG 55QNED82

• €1,399 for the LG 65QNED82

• €2,199 for the LG 75QNED82