Netflix king of streaming in France. And elsewhere ?

Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and sometimes even YouTube (!). What are the most popular video services in each country around the world?

Statistics specialist Statista has compiled a ranking of the most popular video platforms in several countries around the world.

Netflix, king of France but not king of the world…

Thus for France, it appears that Netflix is first, occupying 21% of the online video market. Same observation for South Korea (20%), Brazil (16%) and the United States (15%). In Germany, it is Amazon Prime Video with 22% which is ahead of its competitors, while in Canada the situation is particular since Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ occupy together the first place, tied. Finally, a special case for Japan since there, with 25% of the market, it is YouTube that captures the most viewers' attention. Netflix and Disney+ only have less than 10% of the market there.

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