PS5 Pro in 2024 and PS6 in 2028?

While journalist Tom Henderson, whose information on PlayStation consoles has often been verified, no later than the end of January expressed strong doubts about the formalization of a PS5 Pro in favor of the PS6 (see our news PS5 Pro abandoned, heading for the PS6?), he announces today that a PS5 Pro is well in development with a marketing end of 2024 in sight. Before the PS6 now scheduled for 2028.

While the shortage of PlayStation 5 is coming to an end at the start of 2023, allowing Sony to achieve phenomenal sales scores with, for example, a tripling of sales in Europe for the month of January and an increase of 457% worldwide in February. Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Computer was therefore quite right in officially declaring the end of the shortage at the CES show in Las Vegas in early January (see our news CES 23 > PlayStation 5, end of the shortage? Really?).

PS5 with separate optical drive in 2023?

On the occasion of his latest publication, Tom Henderson confirms that a new PS5 without an optical drive, which can be purchased later, is still planned for the end of 2023 as he had already predicted last year (see . our news New PS5 with external 4K Ultra HD Blu‑Ray drive, it's becoming clearer…).

PS5 Pro in 2024 and PS6 in 2028?

This next PS5 without an optical drive would therefore be quickly accompanied by a PS5 Pro, at the end of 2024 or 2025, with increased performance (Ray Tracing, etc.), without however providing more details at the time of writing these lines. Finally Tom Henderson writes that according to his sources, he now plans the arrival of the PS6 for 2028, not before.