The Last of Us season 2: some important “monstrous” info!

This article contains some revelations about The Last of Us Season 2 without spoiling the plot or the fate of the characters.

In a recent interview with Variety, the two creators of the series, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, wanted to clarify certain things and gave some trends on the future season 2 of the series.

No more monsters!! !!

In an effort to satisfy fans who find that there are not enough infected in season 1, the two authors promise "that there will be a lot more infected in season 2 and that they will take different forms. Thus, like the game, all the different categories of infected will be represented: the runners (those who have recently been infected), the stalkers (the most stealthy), the clickers (seen for the first time in the episode 2, they mean almost certain death and even resist bullets), and the super massive ones (episode 5). Season 2 will also feature the Shamblers, a subset of spore-covered, acid-spitting monsters. There will even be a nightmarish surprise boss that players from The Last of Us' second installment know well.

Always Bella as Ellie

Regarding the five-year time jump for the character of Ellie between the first opus of the game and the second, they specify: “Bella (Ramsey) was 17 at the time of the filming of season 1. She has 19 years old, the age of Ellie in the second opus of the game. So there is no problem”. A way to confirm that it is indeed Bella Ramsey who will be Ellie in season 2 of the series.