Configurable subtitles on Netflix, finally!

While the function already exists on the web browser version, the appearance of the subtitles can finally be configured on the Netflix applications.

On a streaming service, it is always nice to be able to adjust the size and appearance of the subtitles according to the viewing conditions.

Netflix, customizable subtitles on all screens

On Netflix, the browser version has offered this option for a while, but until now it was not the case on other platforms: Smart TVs, media players, game consoles and others. Good news, a recent update finally allows users of these versions to adjust the appearance of the subtitles. Three sizes are available - small, medium and large - as well as several appearances: Light (black text/white shadow), Shaded (white text/black shadow), and Contrast (yellow text/black shadow).

All enough luxury when the Conviva firm estimated in 2022 that 77% of video streaming was consumed worldwide on TV screens via Smart TV, media players and game consoles.