Virgin Suicides comes out in 4K at the cinema, and probably in 4K UHD in stride

Sofia Coppola's first feature film will return to cinemas on July 12, 24 years after its first release in 1999. A masterstroke restored in 4K.

Beautiful and mysterious, the five Lisbon sisters set the hearts of small-town Michigan boys racing. But the day one of them commits suicide, the parents wallow in their grief and forbid their daughters to communicate with the outside world. The boys of the city, fascinated, will then do everything to save them…

On an air of adolescence

With Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola makes (big and delicate) cinema on a highly slippery subject. A marvel inseparable from its soundtrack by Air and photography by Edward Lachman, which can be rediscovered in theaters in a restored 4K version from July 12 under the Carlotta flag. This bodes well for a very certain 4K UHD edition that may follow some time later…