The Batman II, start of filming next November, we take stock

The shooting of The Batman II by Matt Reeves will begin on November 23.

It was the film's executive producer, Michael Uslan, who released the information on Instagram. The latter has in the past worked on many projects related to the Batman universe, including Joker, The Dark Knight and The Batman by Matt Reeves.

Towards simpler filming?

The sequel to The Batman is not supposed to be released until October 2025. This date of November 2023 therefore gives the production all the time necessary to put in the box what the highly anticipated sequel to the film requires . We remember that the production of the first film had to stop and restart several times because of the pandemic.

With Barry Keoghan?

We know that Robert Pattinson will be back as Bruce Wayne/Batman. We also know that in a cut scene from the first The Batman, Barry Keoghan camped the Joker. From there to imagining that he will be in The Batman II, there is only one step…

Also returning will be Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth and Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin (whose TV series dedicated to the character is currently filming in New York). In short, The Batman II is on the right track.