Start of filming for a new Alien, what we know

Shooting of the new film in the Alien saga, initiated by Ridley Scott, will begin tomorrow in Budapest, Hungary.

Produced by 20th Century Studios and Ridley Scott (director of the first Alien but also of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant), it will be the ninth film in the cinematographic saga, written (with Rodo Sayagues) and directed by Fede Alvarez.

New blood (fresh)

In the cast of this new Alien, Cailee Spaeny (Bad Times at the El Royale), David Jonsson (Industry), Archie Renaux (Morbius), Isabela Merced (Rosaline), Spike Fearn (The Batman) and Aileen Wu. In this ninth adventure, young people living in a distant world will find themselves confronted with the most terrifying life form in the universe.

Back to the hard core genre?

Note that the director Fede Alvarez is a specialist in horror cinema. We owe him the brilliant remake of Evil Dead in 2013, as well as the excellent horror thriller Don't Breathe. This new Alien, for a time titled Alien Romulus, will offer a less philosophical approach than recent films in the franchise and will focus on pure gender and xenomorphs. If we don't yet know when this new Alien movie should be released, we can't wait to find out more.