A spotlight in future Samsung smartwatches?

Samsung imagines a connected watch capable of projecting a “secondary screen” on the back of your hand, in order to go beyond the limitations of the size of the device.

Registered last February by Samsung with the United States Patent Office under the name "Wearable Electronic Device Including Projection Display", a recent patent describes a smartwatch with an integrated video projector.

, ,And now, the lines of the hand

This projects the contents of the screen onto the back of the user's hand, in order to display more information than the screen limited by its size. The patent specifies that the contents of the screen and the projected image may be different.

This patent also echoes a similar document already filed by Samsung in 2016 (we were talking about it then), but which went further since it was then also a question of interacting with the projected image, to for example using a keyboard or typing a phone number on the back of your hand. The manufacturer might have scaled back its ambitions, but the mere idea of the projector is already intriguing. Can't wait for it to be implemented.