Samsung QN90C, Neo QLED Ultra HD 4K Mini LED TV: indicative price update

Before returning later to the Neo QLED Mini LED 4K Ultra HD Samsung QN90C TV series for a detailed presentation of its specifications, here are the indicative prices of these televisions expected in stores at the beginning of March.

Even if the announcement of the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 (see our CES 23 news > Samsung 2023 Neo QLED & QD Oled 4K/8K TV, 8 series and 28 references) included five references, like the QN90B vintage 2022 series, the Samsung QN90C vintage 2023 will have six references. The opportunity for us to announce that the nomenclature of Samsung televisions sold in France is changing, the QN prefix giving way to that of TQ.

Samsung QN90C Neo QLED Mini LED Ultra HD 4K, indicative price

- Samsung TQ43QN90C (43'', 109 cm, Ultra HD 4K), 1,299 euros

- Samsung TQ50QN90C (50'', 127 cm, Ultra HD 4K), 1,499 euros

- Samsung TQ55QN90C (55'', 140 cm, Ultra HD 4K), 2,299 euros

- Samsung TQ65QN90C (65'', 165 cm, Ultra HD 4K), 2,999 euros

- Samsung TQ75QN90C (75' ', 191 cm, Ultra HD 4K), 4,199 euros

- Samsung TQ85QN90C (85'', 216 cm, Ultra HD 4K), 5,499 euros

The Samsung QE98QN90A model is still in the catalog this year , at an indicative price of 7,999 euros.

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