USB-C on iPhone, Apple sets its conditions…

Even if the European Union has forced Apple to adopt USB-C on the next iPhone, the brand will not accept just any cables.

To comply with the new European legislation, Apple is forced to abandon its proprietary Lightning format to switch to USB-C with the new iPhone-15 range. But apparently it won't be "Open Bar" according to a recent post on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Apple imposes a custom USB-C standard for its iPhones

Indeed, the USB-C standard that Apple will use will be "tailor-made", meaning that only third-party manufacturers validated by Apple ("Made for iPhone" label) will be able to produce cables that will take advantage of all the functionalities of the mobile: fast charging, data transfer, etc. Apple thus protects itself from suspicious and counterfeit cables, and we recall in passing that the brand punctures a small percentage of the indicative price of these official accessories. Here then !

USB-C with different capacities depending on the iPhone model?

At the end of last year, Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max for the start of the 2023 school year will have at least USB 3.2 or even Thunderbolt 3 compatibility via their new USB-C port, but that the "standard" iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models would retain the old USB 2.0 standard and would therefore not benefit from the new transfer speed of the Pro models.