TCL 65C935 4K Ultra HD Mini LED TV review, online

After marketing the first TV based on Mini LED technology in 2019, the Chinese manufacturer releases its new version of this innovative backlighting system every year, allowing LCD screens to make significant progress in terms of image quality. 2022 is to mark a milestone for the brand with the C935 series equipped with the impressive Mini LED OD5 process capable of competing for the first time, or even surpassing, the best televisions on the market.

In 2022, TCL changes dimension. While the brand was in the middle of the table in the brand championship, it reached the Champions League with the C935 series. For the first time, a TV branded TCL does not have to blush in the face of the big names in the TV market and their premium TVs, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung or Sony.

TV TCL 65C935, technological showcase of the group

With the 65C935, TCL demonstrates with talent and strength all the qualities of the Mini LED OD5 backlight system developed by the Chinese group. Of course, TCL still has to make efforts on certain points, in particular that of image processing. But the audiovisual quality offered by these televisions is generally excellent. Especially given the prices offered by the brand, which are significantly more affordable than those of its competitors.

Our ultra-complete test bench of the latest TCL model can be discovered immediately by clicking on the following link: TCL 65C935.