Philips OLED QD TV? Not in 2023...

While Philips, through Dany Tak, the head of technology and development of the brand, had announced that it was closely studying QD Oled technology from Samsung Display (see our QD Oled Philips TV news in 2023?), this will not be relevant in 2023.

Still under study, the QD Oled panels manufactured by Samsung Display will therefore only be integrated into the Philips 2023 TV range, the brand having decided to remain faithful to LG Display, in particular to its latest generation of Oled Meta panels present on the Philips OLED908 series (see our Philips OLED908 TV news: Meta panel (MLA + Meta Booster), P5 Gen7, Game Bar, Ambilight, DTS Play-Fi, 2,100 nits, etc.), instead of an Oled EX specimen on the 2022 series, the Philips OLED907.

Philips QD Oled TV, part discount?

This is the info that Philips gave us in Amsterdam where the brand's European conference was held. However, the brand's representatives also told us that if the QD Oled panels would not be in the catalog in 2023, they were still being studied to expand the range in the future, perhaps in 2024.