Sonos Era 300 and Era 100, new generation of Dolby Atmos speakers

New indiscretions have appeared on the next Sonos speakers, previously known under the code name Optimo…

Definitely very well informed behind the scenes of Sonos, the site The Verge provides news on the range of Optimo speakers which should be marketed this year. And Optimo was in fact only a code name, the devices will probably bear the names Era 300, Era 100 and Era 100 SL. Namely, wall brackets and optional feet are provided for this new series of speakers.

Sonos Era 300, Dolby Atmos speaker

As a reminder, the Era 300 (formerly Optimo 2) represents a significant evolution compared to the current Sonos offer, with a new design (see photo below) and an audio quality supposed to far exceed that of all the brand's previous models. The speaker is lined with multidirectional transducers to send the sound absolutely everywhere. Moreover, it is compatible with Dolby Atmos content. In terms of size, it seems to be similar to that of the Sonos Five and Play:5. The Era 300 is powerful and expandable, and has twice the RAM and storage memory of previous Sonos models.

Sonos Era 300, TruePlay on the program

It is naturally based on Wi-Fi 6 technology like the other speakers of the brand, but also equipped with the Bluetooth function without forgetting an Ethernet port. Sonos is also considering a USB-C input. The built-in microphones naturally allow access to the Sonos Voice assistant, but also to analyze the environment to optimize the audio rendering with the exclusive Trueplay process.

Sonos Era 100 and Sonos Era 100 SL

Less details are known about the Era 100 (ex Optimo 1), and as for the Era 100 SL (Optimo 1 SL) it will assume the role of entry-level model, devoid of microphones. More details - including price and availability - should be communicated in the coming days.