Motion detector embedded in future Apple HomePods

The next iPhones could be controlled by your movements and even adapt their activation according to the people present and their behavior.

A new patent recently granted to Apple suggests interesting functions for future HomePod connected speakers.

Switching on/off the music depending on the presence of individuals in the room

Named "Multimedia Computing or Entertainment System to Respond to User Activity and Presence" (you can breathe) the document describes how HomePod can detect the presence and gestures of surrounding users. For example, a “cuckoo” movement can be recognized by the device and activate a determined function. Also, the speaker can know if people are leaving or entering a room. So the music can turn off automatically if everyone is out.

New HomePod, profile management

With this system, HomePod could also learn the habits of multiple users. For example, an older person who has difficulty hearing will automatically benefit from a higher volume. Naturally, for all this to be possible, the speaker will have to be equipped - in addition to its microphones - with a camera-type sensor. Not sure this appeals to those who value their privacy. Source: Apple Insider