Sony NW-A306 walkman, high-end portable audio player

Sony introduces its latest portable audio player, offering the latest audio technologies for high-fidelity sound reproduction.

The Sony NW-A306 Walkman is a concentrate of audio technologies in a featherweight 113 gram case, equipped with a 3.6'' (9.14 cm) 720p touch screen for navigation. The milled aluminum chassis offers superior rigidity, ensuring low impedance and clear, dense and assertive bass, according to Sony.

Sony NW-A306, DSEE Ultimate mode

The Sony NW-A306 is equipped with an S-Master HX digital amplifier, compatible with the native DSD format, which reduces distortion and noise over a wide frequency range. Note the reflow solders containing gold, helping to improve the soundstage. In addition, the device is equipped with the DSEE Ultimate mode (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), a system that uses artificial intelligence to adapt the audio frequency and signal rate in real time for always optimized sound quality, allowing CD rendering. audio (16 bit 44.1/48kHz). Technology compatible with wireless headphones.

Sony NW-A306, autonomy

In terms of autonomy, we go up to 36 hours of playback in Flac 44.1 kHz quality, up to 32 hours of Hi-Res Audio playback in Flac 96 kHz, or up to 26 hours via a streaming service application. The reader is Wi-Fi ac Dual Band and Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. The onboard flash memory is 32 GB but only 18 GB is available (expandable via micro-SDXC).

Sony NW-A306, Android 12 OS

Note that in keeping with Sony's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products and practices, plastic is absent from the packaging material of the NW-A306. Finally, the Sony NW-A306's operating system is Android 12. Available at an indicative price of 400 euros.