CES 23 > PlayStation 5, end of the shortage? Truly ?

As the PlayStation 5 exceeds 30 million units sold, Sony announces that the console should -finally- be easier to find in stores.

Launched in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has so far distinguished itself by respectable performance, but above all by a rarity which has made it difficult to find in stores, the word shortage being often associated with the console.

The word to Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Computer

But all that is over, promised Jim Ryan - CEO of Sony Computer - at the Sony press conference (see photo above) held the day before the opening of the CES show 2023: "Anyone who wants a PS5 should be able to find it more easily in stores around the world, right now." Incidentally, Jim Ryan announces that 30 million PS5s have now been sold worldwide, five million more than last November.