CES 23 > Samsung Micro LED CX TV 50'', 63'', 76'', 89'', 101'', 114'' and 140'' approaching

Since the first Micro LED screen presented by the manufacturer at the CES show in Las Vegas 2018 (see our CES 18 news > Samsung The Wall 146'' micro-LED TV, extendable screen and competitor of the Oled), only a few very large models, and mainly through the professional division of the group, have emerged commercially. But 2023 should finally be the year of the availability of Micro LED technology, specifies the brand, with the arrival of Samsung Micro LED CX TVs.

In addition to the 76'' (193 cm), 89'' (226 cm), 101'' (257 cm) and 114'' (290 cm) specimens presented at the IFA show in Berlin last September (see our news IFA 22 > Samsung Micro LED TV: 76'', 89'', 101'' and 114'' on demonstration in Berlin), Samsung announces for 2023 three other diagonals for its CX Micro LED TVs, 50'' (127 cm) , 63'' (160cm) and 140'' (357cm).

Samsung Micro LED CX 2023 TV, Ultra HD 4K definition

The seven announced Micro LED CX televisions are of Ultra HD 4K obedience and, even if they are still the result of the assembly of several modules, their dimensions would be fixed. Samsung also announces that the demarcation between the different modules is completely invisible. For the rest, Tizen 7.0, HDMI 2.1 connectors, HDR10/HDR10+ compatibility, sophisticated sound section, etc. are on the agenda.

TV Micro LED CX 2023, the word to Samsung

Samsung clarifies some additional specifications of these diffusers through its statement on the 76'' model: "While many television innovations involve making screens bigger or faster, the 76" Micro LED CX redefines "the "art" for televisions. Samsung has miniaturized the technologies introduced with The Wall display, to create the world's smallest and most affordable Micro LED display. Between its unparalleled performance and advanced technologies, Micro LED CX heralds a bright future for consumer TVs, and its internal 20-bit grayscale, 240Hz VRR display and 2 nanosecond response time make the CX 76" Micro LED display the benchmark for picture quality no matter what you're watching or playing. It is also the first Samsung Micro LED TV that does not require installation by a professional, for an image occupying 99.9% of the screen”.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung has also reduced the prices of these CX Micro LED TVs, unknown at the time of writing these lines. As a reminder, until now, it takes more or less €1,000 per thumb…