CES 23 > Samsung S90C, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K TV from 55'' to 77''

The Samsung QD Oled 2023 TV range will therefore have two series. In addition to the Samsung S95C already presented in our columns (see our CES 23 news > Samsung S95C, QD Oled Ultra HD 4K TV from 55'' to 77''), the Samsung S90C is also on the program. It too will have three diagonals, 55'' (140 cm), 65'' (165 cm) and 77'' (196 cm).

To put it simply, and while waiting for Samsung to give more details on the technical specifications of these televisions, the 4K Ultra HD QD Oled Samsung S90C vintage 2023 TV series looks like two drops of water like the Samsung S95B vintage 2022 (in photo below, click on the Samsung QE55S95B reference to discover the complete test of the product by the editorial staff of, modulo the incremental changes expected from one year to the next.

Samsung S90C, QD Oled TV without One Connect Box

What we certainly know, at the time of writing these lines, concerns the absence of a One Connect box and the presence of a less elaborate sound system than that of the Samsung S95C TVs (equivalent to that of the S95B?). And that's all. We do not yet know if the Samsung S90C TVs have a peak light equivalent to that of the Samsung S95C models, announced at more than 2,000 nits, or if the latter remains equivalent to that of the Samsung S95B.

For the rest, the Samsung S90C TVs will of course include the Korean manufacturer's 2023 technologies and features package, namely Gaming Hub, Tizen 7.0, Dolby Atmos compatibility, Zigbee & Matter certifications...

More details later.