Huge 14.1'' (35.82 cm) iPad cancelled?

While the size of iPad screens was supposed to have increased significantly, this may not be the case.

Last June, several leakers endorsed by analyst Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), presaged an iPad Pro with a 14.1'' (35.82 cm) display for an early release. 'year 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, only on large diagonal tablets…

Knowing that so far, the maximum diagonal on Apple tablets is 12.9'', this would have been a first. Alas, Ross Young recently went back on his statements, simply saying that Apple no longer plans to launch such a device. However, if this iPad does not come out immediately, it is not said that we will not see it in the future. Indeed, Samsung is already on the niche with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and its 14.6 '' (37 cm), and Apple could one day wish to compete with its rival, especially since the demand exists for these large diagonal tablets. . Source: macrumors