iPad Oled in 2024, more clues

After years and years of rumors, the integration of Oled display technology on the iPad continues to become clearer.

It was in 2015 that we first reported to you a rumor about the arrival of Oled technology on Apple tablets. And according to the latest rumors we published a few weeks ago, the very first Apple Oled tablets would arrive (finally) in 2024.

iPad Oled, Apple lowers its orders for Mini LED screens

Indiscretions which seem to be confirmed by recent information reported by the Taiwanese media Digitimes which indicates that the company Epistar, supplier of Mini LED screens for Apple for a while, says that the demand for such screens is falling. Knowing that it will lose a big customer, the company - and others in the same sector - are already turning to other uses for the Mini LED, such as vehicle dashboards.

In parallel, another recent rumor suggests that Samsung is ramping up production of Oled displays for Apple, most likely for a future large-screen iPad Pro model.