€550,000 the iPhone 14 Pro Max in diamonds, it's normal in Russia

Record broken with the most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max in the world, in 18-carat white gold and encrusted with more than 500 diamonds.

Specializing in luxurious modifications of technological gadgets, the Russian company Caviar strikes again, this time with neither more nor less than its most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max in the world named Diamond Snowflake.

iPhone 14 Pro Mx signed by jeweler Graff

This customized model has the particularity of being in white gold encrusted with 511 diamonds, not to mention a snowflake pendant in platinum, gold and diamonds, designed by the jeweler Graff. Pulled to only three copies, the iPhone is sold at the indicative price of 551,380 euros for the 128 gigabyte version. But honestly, if you have access to such sums, you might as well get the 1 TB version for “only” €1,200 more.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Crystal Snowflake SE almost affordable…

And for more "modest" budgets, Caviar offers the Crystal Snowflake SE model, still an iPhone 14 Pro Max with a similar design, but made with Swarovski crystals rather than diamonds. Limited to 20 copies, it is sold at the indicative price (from) of 24,160 euros. A case.