Advertising, the future of streaming

The number of subscribers to Netflix, Disney+ and video streaming services should continue to climb, thanks in particular to new hybrid offers cut with advertising.

According to the latest estimates from Digital TV Research, SVOD services will welcome 428 million new subscribers worldwide between 2022 and 2028, for a total of 1.76 billion. New ad-supported hybrid (AVOD) options would contribute a lot to this growth.

,.56% of subscribers to an AVOD offer in 2028?

Digital TV Research estimates that Netflix will offer this option in 85 countries by 2028, Disney+ in 91 countries, HBO in 55 and Paramount+ in 56. These four streaming platforms would together accumulate 372 million AVOD subscribers by 2028, or 56% of their total subscriber base. For example, Disney+ would account for 206 million, or 88% of its total, while at the other end of the ranking Netflix would have 63 million, or 24% of its total.

The word to Simon Murray of Digital TV Research

“The hybrid option will primarily attract developing countries where incomes are lower,” explains Simon Murray of Digital TV Research. The hybrid option will also be attractive for new subscribers who still do not have a subscription to "ancestral" services, without an option with advertisements."