CES 23 > LG 2023 soundbar, new Wow Orchestra function competing with Samsung's Q-Symphony

The US Patent Office USPTO informs us that the new Wow Orchestra function should appear in a/certain TV(s) and a/certain soundbar(s) signed LG vintage 2023. With the result is a rendering close to the Samsung Q-Symphony function.

With the MLA process available on the next LG G3 TV series (see our CES 23 news > Oled TV LG G3, MLA technology for a luminous peak of +70% on 55''/65'' and 77' panels '), the new Wow Orchestra feature is sure to be one of the stars of the Korean booth at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, which runs from January 5-8.

LG TV and soundbar 2023, new Wow Orchestra function

In short, this new function allows the simultaneous operation of the sound bar and the television speakers, with the aim of widening the sound stage and therefore magnifying the rendering of the soundtracks of films, series, documentaries , concerts… A bit like sitting in a concert hall (see visual below of the Philharmonie de Paris).