TV market 2022, Samsung still arch-leader and Top 5 to discover

While the 2022 TV market is still expected to decline (see our TV Market 2022 news, from decline to decline), Samsung is consolidating its leading position.

According to the analysis and market research firm Omdia, the turnover of the TV market reached for the third quarter of 2022 72.39 billion dollars, down 12.7% compared to 82, $93 billion generated for the same period last year. In volume, sales for the first three quarters of 2022 recorded 143 million units, down 4.4% compared to the same period last year.

TV market 2022, the Top 5

A closer look at the figures shows that Samsung remains by far the leader over the first nine months of the year with 30.2% of copies sold, ahead of LG at 17%, TCL at 9.3%, Hisense at 8.6% and Sony at 8%.

TV market 2022, Samsung arch-leader in the most profitable segment

Other important data for the 2022 TV market, Samsung has a 51.1% market share (in volume) in the over $2,500 television sector, 21.2% for LG. Stronger still, concerning the category of TVs 75'' (191 cm) and more, the one where profitability is the strongest, Samsung shows 37.5% of volumes, 16.2% for LG.

TV Market 2022, Samsung

Focus on the manufacturer LG Electronics, still dominant in the Oled TV market (a segment expected to decline for 2022, see our news Oled TV market: 2022, first year of decline since 2013 and Oled TV market 2022, zoom on decline in sales). The brand accounts for 2.54 million Oled TVs sold from the beginning of January to the end of September and accounts for 60% of the Oled TV market.