Leica Leitz 2, smartphone equipped with a huge photo sensor, in Japan only

Leica releases "its" second smartphone, the Leica Leitz 2, equipped like its predecessor with a huge sensor comparable to a real camera.

Specialist in optics for cameras and known in particular for its long collaboration on Huawei smartphones, Leica releases the Leica Leitz 2 smartphone, in truth a modified version of the Sharp Aquos R7.

Leica Leitz 2 smartphone, photo sensor worthy of a digital SLR

It has the particularity of a huge 1 '' (2.54 cm) 47.2 Mpxls (f / 1.9) photo sensor on the back, equipped with its own magnetic cover, comparable to a digital SLR camera. And before you draw the blue card, know that this is a model exclusively reserved for the Japanese market.

Leica Leitz 2 Smartphone, Main Specifications

Like the Sharp Aquos R7, it has a Snapdragon processor, a 6.6'' (16.76 cm) Oled screen, and a 5,000 mAh capacity battery. The star element of the device is of course its main photo module, with a 19 mm focal length, and we note the ability to export images in Jpeg and Raw formats. Note also the knurled surface of the device to facilitate handling when capturing images. If you manage to get your hands on it, know that it costs a whopping €1,600, indicative price.