Enthusiasm for refurbished smartphones and computers

The decline of the economy, but also the awakening of consciences for sustainable development, are pushing more and more French people to turn to refurbished electronic products rather than new ones.

For the 5th consecutive year, SMAAART -the Econocom group's smartphone brand- and Ifop established the barometer of the refurbished products market by interviewing 1,200 French people aged 18 to 65 last October.

Reasons to adhere, or not, to the "reconditioned"

The result is that 62% of respondents have bought, or intend to buy a refurbished phone, i.e. 6% better than in 2021. For computers, the figure is 31%. Number one reason advanced to buy a refurbished mobile, the price at 41%, followed by the guarantee offered with 12%, then the preservation of the environment at 10%. For computers, the price is also the main argument for 32% of consumers, followed by access to a more upscale computer (12%) and in 3rd position, the warranty offered (10%).

As for the reasons why the French are not seduced by the "reconditioned", for the smartphone it is first of all the fear that the life of the product is shorter, at 33%, the same thing for 28% refurbished computers.

The word to Jean-Christophe Estoudre, president of SMAAART

"The market for refurbished products has been considerably structured this year, in particular with the arrival of a new decree on February 17, making it possible to regulate the terms "reconditioned" and "reconditioned product", explains Jean- Christophe Estoudre, president of SMAAART. At the same time, the new Qualicert SGS service certification "reconditioning activities" validates the quality of the certificate holder's reconditioning operations. We are proud to have obtained this certification with SMAAART, this reassures consumers about the quality of our processes and the reliability of our products and gives them indicators for choosing quality refurbished products”.