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Spielberg: directors “thrown under the bus” because of streaming

Even if he deplores the disappearance of the cinema experience in favor of home streaming, director Steven Spielberg remains confident for the future of his art.

Formerly very upset against streaming in general and Netflix in particular, director Steven Spielberg has calmed down over time, even if he has seen some of his colleagues "sacrificed" by the advent of video streaming.

The word to Steven Spielberg

“The pandemic has allowed streaming platforms to rack up record numbers of subscribers, Spielberg said in an interview with The New York Times, and it has also thrown some of my best friends under the bus directors, because their films were unceremoniously deprived of theatrical release. They got paid and their movies suddenly arrived - in this case - on HBO Max. This is the case I'm talking about. And that's when everything started to change”.

Steven Spielberg recognizes the role of streaming platforms

The director is referring to the decision Warner Bros. made in 2021 to launch its films on the same day both in theaters and on HBO Max. Spielberg nevertheless admits the value of streaming platforms, especially for more confidential, deeper films, which will reach millions of people at home while the public will not come to the cinema to see them.

However , he maintains that there is a magic to leaving home to go share a movie in theaters, and he is adamant that this classic experience will make a return. Source: Variety