Home Theatre

He builds an invisible Home Cinema!

Or how to transform your living room by removing the speakers, cables and even the TV from your Home Cinema in a few seconds?

After the copper PlayStation 5, the wooden PlayStation 5 and even the PlayStation 5 Slim, the DIY genius from the DIY Perks YouTube channel has struck another blow with this completely crazy project: a retractable Home Cinema, completely invisible -even the TV- when not in use.

A passion project

While the engineering behind this idea is complex, the principle couldn't be simpler: a fake fireplace-style piece of furniture that opens like a cupboard to reveal a 75" QNED mini LED TV LG (project sponsor). And it is in the two doors that the speakers of the 5.1 system are hidden: tweeters, loudspeakers and even subwoofers. Only the rear speakers remain constantly visible... at the back. Logic.

The top of the fireplace even hides enough to enjoy its system: a gaming PC, a PlayStation 5 and a Blu-Ray player. We let you enjoy on the video below all the steps that gave life to this passionate project and exciting.