Orange Livebox soon able to detect intrusions in your home?

WiFi Sensing technology could one day be included in internet boxes and serve as a surveillance system for the home.

On the occasion of the Orange Gardens campus at the end of October, Orange presented WiFi Sensing technology, a sign that it could soon be integrated into the operator's devices, in particular Liveboxes.

WiFi Sensing, surveillance radar via Wi-Fi waves

Appeared in its first form in 1999 and then made official more recently in 2019, WiFi Sensing measures the variations in the waves emitted by Wi-Fi if they encounter obstacles. Concretely, this technology makes it possible to detect the presence of people around the transmitter. Properly configured, WiFi Sensing thus acts as a security system, capable of warning a user if ever a supposedly empty place is occupied by intruders. According to Orange, a simple software update will allow recent Liveboxes to access such features, but the project is not yet finalized, although research is about to be completed. To be continued.