Smart TV owners prefer to use their multimedia box

The offer and ergonomics of connected televisions are not yet enough to convince most users to abandon their boxes dedicated to streaming.

Hub Entertainment Research conducted a study last August with more than 2,500 Americans aged 16 to 74.

More than half of American consumers are loyal to their multimedia boxes

It shows that more than half of Smart TV owners continue to use a streaming box (Apple TV, Chromecast, FireTV and Roku), although their functionalities normally duplicate those of connected televisions. Most users consider the two types of devices to be similar, but some streaming apps still remain unavailable on Smart TVs. In addition, three quarters of users explain that they use their box for other applications, apart from video streaming, such as music playback.

It thus emerges that Smart TVs do not yet equal the content and ergonomics offered by specialized boxes. A sign for television manufacturers that they must offer a more complete and optimized experience if they want their platform to be privileged.