iPhone Nano, a forgotten Apple project signed by Steve Jobs

An old e-mail signed by Steve Jobs lifts the veil on a "mini" iPhone project already imagined at the time of the iPhone 4.

In 2011 there was a rumor about an iPhone nano, a smaller and cheaper version of the flagship model of the time, the iPhone 4. The lawsuit between Epic and Apple in fact reveals many internal emails from Apple, including a ten-year-old message evoking this famous iPhone nano.

iPhone nano made in Steve Jobs

Signed Steve Jobs, this 2011 post aligns ideas for this smartphone, described as a low-cost model of the iPhone relying on the iPod Touch to replace the iPhone 3GS. The word “nano” was used for the iPod nano, which was very popular at the time, but finally rolled off production lines in 2017.

A (very) long term project

Since then, Apple has released a cheap smartphone under the name iPhone SE, then a smaller version with the iPhone mini. And while the iPhone nano never saw the light of day, it's interesting that Apple is planning its plans many years before they actually materialize.

Small observation to conclude: knowing that the screen of the iPhone 4 measured 3.5 '' (8.89 cm), one wonders what diagonal could have had a smaller model… Source: The Verge