Micro LED technology favored for augmented reality at Samsung Display

As augmented reality prepares to invade our daily lives, screen builders are rubbing their hands.

Between the giants Apple and Meta, it looks like augmented reality (AR) headsets are destined to become the device of the future, relegating virtual reality to a draft, and Samsung is delighted to be able to supply the screens for these devices.

Development of new micro LEDs by Samsung Display

During a recent workshop, Kim Min-woo of Samsung Display said that Micro LED technology will be favored over Oled for AR applications. It is thanks to its luminosity in particular that the Micro LED process stands out. However, Samsung will have to develop new types of diodes for these screens. According to Korean media TheElec, Samsung Display is developing new Micro LED screens on silicone rather than on a glass substrate, in order to adapt them to AR headsets. The company aims to achieve a pixel density of 6,600 dots per inch.

As a reminder, where the screens of virtual reality headsets do not need a lot of brightness, it is necessary for AR headsets because they display the real world in addition to a virtual overlay.