Before the foldable iPhone, the foldable iPad (in 2024)

Apple is taking its time getting into the foldable screen smartphone market, and will even release a foldable iPad first to test the waters.

According to analysts at CCS Insight (via CNBC) Apple will enter the foldable mobile market with an iPad in 2024. Concretely, this device will serve as a test for Apple before considering the release of a foldable screen iPhone.

Foldable iPhone currently inappropriate according to Ben Wood

According to Ben Wood of CCS, releasing a foldable iPhone in the current context is irrelevant. On the one hand the device should be much more expensive than the current iPhones so as not to walk on their flowerbeds, in addition it will have to be technically perfect so as not to generate a "bad buzz" of which the Internet is a specialist.

Foldable iPad in collaboration with LG

Launching a foldable iPad will allow Apple to learn how to implement this new technology for the manufacturer, while breathing new life into its range of tablets. Note that rumors about such a device have been running for a while, with a screen that would be designed in collaboration with LG.