670 000 € the instructions for the Apple II computer (1977)

A piece of history signed by Steve Jobs himself fetched a handsome sum in recent auctions.

$ 787,484, or a little over € 670,000, this is the price to which a notice for the Apple II computer marketed in 1977, during an auction led by RR Auction.

Apple Collector Products

The company is not at its first attempt for this type of object, with several Apple Collector pieces already to its credit, including a notice of Apple I having found a buyer at 13,000 dollars.

Steve Jobs' message

Personalized from a small message by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, this new object had been given to Julian Brewer, son of Michael Brewer, who had negotiated the distribution rights for Apple products for the United Kingdom in 1979. The message in question is: “Julian, your generation, is the first to grow up with computers. Will change the world! Steve Jobs, 1980 ”.