Netflix with ads for the majority of subscribers in 2027

The new cheaper option coming soon from Netflix, strewn with advertisements, could conquer the majority of the platform's subscribers within five years.

To compensate for the fall in subscribers observed this year, Netflix is going to introduce a new subscription offer that is cheaper than the Essential subscription (currently €8.99) but is strewn with advertisements. An offer that should arrive before the end of the year if we believe the latest rumors.

60% of Netflix subscribers with advertising option in 2027

According to estimates by Omdia, by 2027, 60% of Netflix subscribers worldwide will have subscribed to this offer. This result will be achieved through the combination of an arrival of new subscribers interested in this option as well as existing subscribers who, over the years, will make the transition from a more expensive offer to this one.

Ads missing from the Netflix interface?

According to Omdia, there will be no ads in the Netflix interface itself, to maintain the illusion of a premium experience. An important decision especially for the international market (outside the USA), where hybrid models with advertising are not yet well established. Source: mediaplaynews