More and more Americans are trivializing piracy

Why viewers are increasingly turning to piracy, sometimes without even knowing it.

Ahead of a "Piracy and Digital Distribution" conference, Park Associates (via Advanced Television) published some data on the state of piracy in the United States, showing in particular that nearly 25% of homes connected at the top debit regard piracy as acceptable. This figure was only 14% in 2019.

The floor to Serhad Doken from Adeia and Jennifer Kent from Park Associates

“Consumers pirate not because they want to, explains Serhad Doken of the company Adeia, a digital specialist, but because they are often forced to do so, because of an increasingly legal offer complex and fragmented, more designed for companies than for users”. Jennifer Kent of Park Associates adds that almost half of pirates think stealing content is acceptable, since this behavior - according to them - has no consequences.