Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro on iPad?

What if one of the best new features of the new iPhone 14 Pro arrives on Apple's tablet?

The new iPhone 14 Pro stood out with the disappearance of the notch at the top of the screen, replaced by more discreet perforations, associated with a new aesthetic function called Dynamic Island (see our iPhone 14 Pro news and 14 Pro Max, 48 Mpxls sensor and variable geometry notch).

Dynamic Island, turning a handicap into a strength

In summary, the software part of the smartphone changes the size of the black frame around the sensors according to needs: notifications, alerts, navigation interface... As a result, the perforations are more discreet, and the aesthetic handicap is transformed into ergonomic functionality . Clever.

Dynamic Island, function developed on iPad signed Parker Ortolani

Rather than waiting for this function to land on the iPad one day, designer Parker Ortolani took the lead and came up with a concept that allows you to visualize what the Dynamic Island would look like on the Apple tablet. We can thus visualize how this interface with variable geometry could facilitate navigation, for example by displaying the controls corresponding to the current application (like Safari), or to better manage multitasking.