IFA 22 > TCL XL Collection, the (very) big TV for everyone!

The cinema at home, with a premium image, everyone dreams of it. A dream hitherto reality for a wealthy elite, the fault of screens at a prohibitive price. With TCL's XL Collection series of televisions, models from 75'' (191 cm) and up, times are changing. In 2022, it is finally possible to fully experience the emotions associated with your favorite content (film, sport, video game, etc.) in (very) high seas, without concession in terms of quality and at an affordable price.

The health crisis, which has completely upset our lives, will have marked the strong comeback of the television in our daily lives. This one, which has become for many over time an everyday object, has regained a preponderant status within the home. In addition to the development of audio-video entertainment accessible through the big screen at the show (development of streaming service offers, Replay, TV on demand, video games, social networks, etc.), the television set also proved popular during this period an indispensable link to the world: his family, his friends, his community. All this, comfortably seated in his sofa. It is this experience that TCL wishes to cultivate with its XL Collection TV series.

TCL XL Collection, from large to very large television sets Already strong in 75'' and 85'' (218 cm) models, the XL Collection series welcomes this year a "monstrous" 98'' (249 cm) specimen. All are equipped with the latest technologies from TCL (120 Hz, QLED, etc.) and Google TV for an image and sound show with unprecedented performance, with the incredible sensation of finding yourself in a real cinema, seated at the best square. Comfortably seated in his armchair, with a 3-metre setback, the viewer benefits from a field of vision multiplied by three (equivalent to a 60° field of vision from the central seat of a cinema with a screen 30 m base), or favorable conditions, according to film directors, for total immersion in the action of a film, but also in a sports show, a documentary, a television program, an animated film... enjoy it!

Namely, still in terms of image quality, XL Collection 2022 televisions support all available HDR technologies and formats: HDR Dolby Vision IQ, HDR Dolby Vision, HDR HLG, HDR10 and HDR10+.

TCL XL Collection, Fourth Generation Mini LED for C83/C93 Series Drawing on its experience and mastery of Mini LED technology, TCL embeds in its XL Collection 75C935 and 75C835 models advanced, very thin, fourth-generation backlighting systems, comprising thousands of mini diodes (Mini LEDs). It is thus possible, thanks to the very high light generated, to watch a film or play a video game in the middle of the day, even in a room bathed in light. The light peak of these TCL XL Collection Mini LED TVs also offers exceptional rendering of HDR content, with unprecedented precision in lighted areas but also in dark areas of the image. As such, the 1,920 independent zones of the TCL 75C935 television guarantee unrivaled display quality mixing deep blacks, sparkling whites, bright and natural colors, for a definition of perfect sharpness.

TCL XL Collection, TV for gamers too The XL Collection series televisions offer features perfectly suited for an extremely smooth gaming experience: very low Input Lag (6 ms announced), automatic game mode (ALLM) and, of course, HDMI 2.1 connectors. Not to mention a variable refresh rate via the Game Master Pro function certified up to 144 Hz (standard for e-sports competitions) with an Ultra HD 4K signal. This allows owners of a PC Gaming to use the latest generation games with maximum fluidity on the screen for unprecedented immersion and, above all, unparalleled responsiveness, the Holy Grail of online gamers.

Of course, these televisions also have all the necessary equipment for perfect gaming sessions. Thus, VRR and FreeSync technologies are present for always fluid images, free of tearing (known as Tearing) on the screen. We can also mention the Google Stadia application to play directly on TVs from the XL Collection series using a simple controller and an internet subscription. Without forgetting this year the Game Bar menu, superimposed on the image, for quick access to all the parameters to optimize the video game experience (32/9 mode for example with a PC signal).

TCL XL Collection, designer TVs The other feat of the new generation of XL Collection televisions, and not the least, concerns design. Statutory, sporting thin screen edges to leave plenty of room for the image and with a modern and sober elegance, they blend easily into any interior decoration. The greatest designers were not mistaken, the TVs of the XL Collection TCLC93/C83 series were rewarded by the prestigious international jury of the Red HotAwards prize: Product Design 2022 which brought together 50 experts from all regions. of the world. A distinction that counts and which highlights, of course, the aesthetics of the products but also their degree of innovation. A great success for the brand.

Likewise, thanks to an ingenious design (height-adjustable stand, cable cover) and the use of innovative materials (metal), the TVs in the series XL Collection are particularly light: their weight does not exceed that of significantly smaller televisions available on the market more than ten years ago. Intrinsic qualities that make it possible to respond to new consumer lifestyles, and to living rooms that are increasingly fashionable, large and relatively uncluttered. If it hasn't already been done, integrating an XL Collection TV is therefore a good opportunity to modify and magnify its interior layout.

TCL XL Collection, 8K Mini LED TV awarded at CES in Las Vegas 2022 The TCL 85X925 Pro model, flagship of the XL Collection series, has been honored with the CES Best Innovation Awards 2022 awarded by the prestigious Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in charge of the interests of the consumer electronics industry to the United States and, among others, organizer of the unmissable CES show in Las Vegas.

The renowned jury recognized that the TCL 85X925 Pro television has the best current equipment in terms of components of course, but also technologies and features. In addition to its finish, the integrated sound bar and the Mini LED OD Zero process (the most successful of the Mini LED backlighting systems signed by TCL, see illustrations above), we can also mention an Ultra HD 8K definition ( 8K Association certification on the menu), a 216 cm diagonal native 100 Hz panel, Quantum Dot nanocrystals (TCL, one of the two main designers of this technology has 350 QLED patents), the Google TV Smart TV function (Google Assistant built-in), a motorized camera (for video calls or conferences with the Google Duo app), voice or gesture control, Imax Enhanced and Works with Alexa labels. Not to mention Wi-Fi 6, Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, Dolby Atmos and FreeSync compatibility, HDMI 2.1 with VRR management, ALLM, 4K/120 and eARC…

TCL XL Collection, the bonus of the TCL X937U and C935U soundbars While some TCL XL Collection TV references offer excellent sound performance thanks to an integrated advanced sound bar (for example the TCL 55/65X925 and TCL 85X925 Pro), for others, the addition of a sound bar specially developed for these screens make it possible to recreate a Home Cinema system capable of taking advantage of the best soundtracks of films and series available in streaming or on Blu-Ray. This is the case with the soundbars TCL X937U, model 7.1.4 (1000 W approximately) and TCL C935U (660 W), model 5.1.2 (see photo below).

If the two references have two Up-Firing speakers dedicated to the reproduction of the Height channels of Dolby Atmos soundtracks, the first named comes with a pair of wireless surround speakers. Of course, both of these soundbars benefit from exclusive Ray-Danz technology. As a reminder, the latter always creates a surround environment using speakers facing the sides, whose sound waves are diffused via two curved acoustic reflectors, without the help of a DSP. The box is of course wireless, multipoint Bluetooth compatibility and DTS:X management are also required.

As you can see, the TCL XL Collection screens aim to offer much more than a simple television, to access a new dimension of audio-video entertainment. By marrying substance and form, TCL markets highly desirable televisions, even more so in terms of their price, content, offering an unbeatable image-area-price ratio.