Sonos Optimo 2, Dolby Atmos compatible speaker approaching

Sonos is developing a new range of speakers focused on audio quality, and compatible with Dolby Atmos.

The Verge site had the opportunity to preview the new Optimo 2 speaker from Sonos, the flagship model of a future trio that will also include the Optimo 1 and the Optimo 1 SL. This speaker represents a significant evolution compared to the current offer of Sonos, with a new design (see photo below) and an audio quality supposed to greatly exceed that of all the previous models of the brand.

Sonos Optimo 2, Dolby Atmos compatibility on the menu

The speaker is lined with multidirectional transducers to send sound everywhere. Moreover, it is compatible with Dolby Atmos content. In terms of size, it seems to approach that of the Sonos Five and Play:5. The Optimo 2 is powerful and expandable, and has twice the RAM and storage memory of previous Sonos models.

Sonos Optimo 2, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker

It is naturally based on Wi-Fi technology like the other speakers of the brand, but also it is also equipped with the Bluetooth function. Sonos is also considering line-in via USB-C, a feature already present on the Five. The built-in microphones naturally allow access to the Sonos Voice assistant, but also to analyze the environment to optimize the audio rendering with the exclusive Trueplay process.

Please note that the product is still under development and some features may be missing from the final version. More details—including pricing and availability—should be released in the coming months.