Nic Pizzolatto prepares the after True Detective

While the fourth season of True Detective will be done without him, Nic Pizzolatto, creator of the anthology series, is working on new projects.

The first project, titled Easy'Waltz, will feature Vince Vaughn (whom he directed in Season 2 of True Detective) as a singer from Las Vegas. The second project is entitled The Grass Rifles, it is a western series described by its author as the most popular, funny and romantic thing he has ever written. The first two episodes are already down on paper.

Head full of projects

The third project is an adaptation of Jack Beaumont's spy novel, The Frenchman. This is the true story of a DGSE officer who must stop a Pakistani biochemical weapon. Nic Pizzolatto said on his Instagram account: "I'm not sure that these projects will all be made one day. Each one requires millions of dollars and the market is what it is, I can't guarantee that all of them will get done. But things are moving and I wanted to reassure the fans, I have not retired. Of which act.

Nic Pizzolatto writes, and when you see what the gentleman has been able to do in the past, it's rather good news.