House of the Dragon: a fire start!

For its launch on HBO Max in the USA, the first episode of House of the Dragon broke records.

Nearly 10 million views on the first day on HBO Max, and demand was so high that servers literally crashed and some fans couldn't log in to watch the episode.

There's still some underfoot?

HBO even issued a message of apology during the evening: “House of the Dragon is seen simultaneously by millions of HBO Max subscribers. Only a small part of them, users of Fire TV Devices, failed to connect. We are working to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience caused to our subscribers”.

For comparison, it should be noted that it took three weeks for Euphoria, the previous viewing record on HBO Max, to reach 13 million views. Only Game of Thrones, the original series, did better with 13.7 million viewings for its linear finale and 19 million in additional streaming and VOD.

We wish the same success to the spin-off series House of the Dragon which, if it does not do even better than Game of Thrones, could however increase in power and surprise by its success.