More and more “non-linear” videos watched

Streaming and short videos on social networks are gaining in popularity, to the detriment of traditional linear television.

In Europe, the United States and Australia, "non-linear" video continued to grow in popularity in 2021 according to the latest report from the Omdia consultancy. Opposed to traditional - or linear - TV, this type of content includes video streaming, VOD, short videos and viral videos on social networks.

Social media on the rise

In 2021, all types of videos combined were watched on average 6 hours and 2 minutes per day and per person on the three continents studied, i.e. a small drop of 0.5% compared to 2020. This drop is in particular due the decline of linear TV, but also of short videos and VOD. The drop, however, is offset by the rise in streaming and social media videos.

Tik Tok, Reel & co

Streaming has been propelled in particular by the growth of platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, as well as by the launch of new services. In total, viewing of these long videos increased by 8 minutes to an average of 68 minutes per day.

As for videos on social networks, they climbed by 9 minutes to reach an average of 60 minutes in 2021 per day per person. TikTok is the main driver of this rise and is expected to overtake Facebook for the first time in 2022 in terms of total time spent by its users.