What if Google competed with the AirPods Max?

Smartphone, connected watch, TWS earphones… Google only needs a headset so that its hardware offer resembles that of the major competitor Apple.

Among the major smartphone manufacturers, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate one or the other as their products are so similar. It often only takes a few months before a new device is copied by the competition.

Google AirPods Max headphones like signed Yousef Hussain

Designer Yousef Hussain went ahead and imagined what an Apple AirPods Max headset might look like, if designed by Google. A very beautiful object which necessarily resembles its model of inspiration but which differs by a few key points, starting with a solid arch with a fleece layer. Also note headphones with touch surfaces for more elegant navigation, and a USB-C port, at the base of the right earphone. Aesthetically we find the pastel colors of pixel smartphones, and a woven fabric overlay inside the headphones. Source: Yankodesign