10 million Netflix subscribers in France

Netflix's co-CEO recently announced the official number of subscribers in France.

Today, July 11, a new edition of the Choose France summit opens in Versailles, an event initiated by Emmanuel Macron and intended to attract foreign investors to our country. Among the guests was Ted Sarandos -co-CEO of Netflix- who took the opportunity to give an exclusive interview to the Journal du Dimanche published on July 10.

France represents 4.5% of Netflix subscribers worldwide

Among other information already known, he revealed the number of subscribers that the streaming platform has in France, the kind of figure rarely communicated by Netflix. We are thus at more than 10 million (compared to 6.7 million in 2020), or all the same 4.5% of the 220 million subscribers in the world. And Sarandos adds that as each subscription has up to 5 users, there are potentially 50 million French people who watch Netflix, or almost 75% of the population.

Netflix, a major exporter of French culture…!! !!

As for the reasons for his presence at the Choose France summit, Sarandos mentions Netflix's status as a "great exporter of French culture", illustrated by the "global successes" of series like Lupin or films like Sans répit.