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Klipsch RP-500SA II Reference Premiere 2022, focus on the Dolby Atmos module

After reviewing the column speakers of the new Klipsch Reference Premiere 2022 series of speakers (see our Klipsch Reference Premiere 2022 series news, 11 new speakers: towers, bookshelves, Dolby Atmos, central and subwoofers.. .), make way today for the Dolby Atmos RP-500SA II module.

The Klipch RP-500SA II speaker can be used in three ways: as a Dolby Atmos Up-Firing module to be placed at the top of the front speakers, as a height speaker or even as a surround. In the latter case, it suffices to change its assignment using a simple switch.

Acoustic package

Technically, these Klipsch Reference PRemiere 2022 speakers incorporate all of the brand's audio DNA, starting with a 90° x 90° Tractrix horn with wide distribution for maximum precision and clarity, here combined with a 2.54 tweeter cm ventilated in titanium LTS (Linear Travel Suspension). This offers minimum distortion. Similarly, the 13.33 cm woofer benefits from the Klipsch Cerametallic process (thin sputtered copper layer) and a new voice coil with a 70% larger diameter offering increased control of the cones for perfect linearity.

In the end, the mobile assembly further improves the reproduction of the base frequencies. We can also mention the presence of aluminum rings, always with the aim of reducing distortion as much as possible.

Last details, the Klipsch Reference Premiere 2022 speakers feature magnetic grilles, a scratch-resistant wood-effect vinyl finish and, of course, the brand's trademark copper-colored cones. The absence of screws on the front further enhances the aesthetics of this range.

Immediate availability. Indicative prices: €749 for the pair of Klipsch RP-500SA II.

Reminder of the key features of the Klipsch RP-500SA II:

• Type: 2-way Dolby Atmos height speaker

• Woofer(s): 13.33 cm Cerametallic

• Tweeter( s): with 25.4 mm aluminum dome

• Square horn: Tractrix 90°x90°

• Non-magnetic: yes

• Impedance: 8 ohms

• Cabinet dimensions (L x D x H, mm): 173 x 320 x 217

• Maximum/peak admissible power: 75 W/300 W

• Unit net weight: 4.35 kg