20% of French internet traffic occupied by Netflix

Video still monopolizes a large part of internet traffic in France.

According to the latest figures from Arcep (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts), at the end of 2021, internet traffic originating from the main access providers in France was 51% occupied by Netflix, Google, Akamai , Facebook, and Amazon. That is a little less than in 2019 when this share was 55%.

Netflix monopolizes 20% of internet traffic in France

First in the ranking is still Netflix with nearly 20% traffic occupancy (compared to less than 10% in 2016 and 24% in 2019). The common point of these companies is to offer video. Google does this through YouTube, and Ankamai provides servers to streamline live streaming for customers like Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook. As for Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon (with Prime Video) no need to present them further.

For the record, YouTube was at the top of the ranking before being replaced by Netflix in 2018 with, then, 23% of French internet traffic. Today, YouTube is 10% of French traffic, and Amazon at 5%.