Set the "Tempo" of the music to the rhythm of your movements

Imagine headphones allowing you to choose music tracks according to their tempo, to match your sporting rhythm.

To the great disappointment of those who like to play sports with music, these headphones called Tempo are unfortunately only at the concept stage, imagined by designer Gianni Teruzzi of DCA Design.

Tempo control on Tempo headphones

Functioning on the principle of the metronome, they have a control of the BPM, that is to say the unit of measurement of the tempo per minute. When you set them according to your sporting needs, they automatically choose the appropriate music tracks from your library or on streaming services, set to the tempo of your exercise or running rhythm.

Also note that the Tempos can adapt automatically by adjusting to your heartbeat, and that they come with a remote control which can be used, for example, by a coach who himself chooses the tempo for you or an entire group of users simultaneously. Source: Yankodesign