Mercusys Halo H80X, Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Network

Extend your indoor Wi-Fi coverage with the Mercusys Halo H80X Mesh Wi-Fi 6 network.

You all know the story of the Wi-Fi box placed somewhere in the house or apartment, but whose signal deteriorates as you move away from it. A problem all the greater as more and more devices are connected wirelessly. Wi-Fi Mesh, or "mesh Wi-Fi network" is a solution to this inconvenience, and Mercusys offers its system taking advantage of this technology.

Mercusys Halo H80X, Wi-fi signal available everywhere in the house

The Halo H80X consists of two or three modules, one of which is wired to the box and the others are strategically distributed in the house without any other connection than a power outlet, allowing the coverage of the Wi-Fi network to be extended. -Fi 6. Multiple technologies are used for a quality connection, such as dual-band Wi-Fi up to 3000 Mbps to connect more than 150 devices at the same time, Mu-Mimo for more simultaneous connections, or 1024--AM and OFDMA processes improve network performance and efficiency. Result, a coverage that can go up to 650 m² with three terminals.

Pack of two terminals available at an indicative price of 139.99 euros. Pack of three terminals at an indicative price of 199.99 euros.