Nanoleaf Lines Skins: even more freedom for Nanoleaf Lines

A new accessory gives Nanoleaf Lines connected lights new layouts in space.

Nanoleaf Lines Skins are flexible connectors designed for Nanoleaf Lines connected lights, offering new possibilities for their arrangement in space.

Nanoleaf Lines Skins: dare all shapes

Available in matte black and matte pink, these "snap-on" covers sit on the white surface of each light bar. The Nanoleaf Lines Skins can then bend 360° to arrange the Nanoleaf Lines without shape limits, for example going around the corners of a wall or even going all the way to the ceiling.

Lines 9-piece starter kit available at an indicative price of 199.99 euros. Nanoleaf Lines Skins 9 pieces available at the indicative price of 14.99 euros. Nanoleaf Flexible Connectors 3 pieces available at an indicative price of 14.99 euros.